Entrepreneurship and Leadership Training for 15 Thousand Managers and Teachers

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TÜSSİDE will provide Entrepreneurship and Leadership Training to 15 Thousand Managers and Teachers!

“Teaching, Leadership and Entrepreneurship Training Cooperation Protocol” was signed at the ceremony held at the Ministry of National Education. Minister of National Education Nabi Avcı, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology Nihat Ergün, TÜBİTAK President Prof. attended the ceremony. Dr. Yücel Altunbaşak, General Director of Vocational and Technical Education Ömer Açıkgöz and other relevant persons attended.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Ergün said that a very important cooperation will begin with the signed protocol. Emphasizing that the issue of vocational and technical education is one of the most important issues in Turkey, Ergün stated that they want to further accelerate the studies with this protocol. In this context, he stated that the project coordinator, Turkish Industrial Management and Management Institute (TÜSSİDE), will organize seminar programs, prepare curriculum and implement training programs.

“We Took Important Steps to Re-Strengthen Vocational High Schools”

Mentioning that industrialists complain about not being able to find qualified personnel in many places, Ergün said that this situation in a country like Turkey, where unemployment is around 9 percent, points to an important need in the education system. Ergün said, “We have taken important steps to re-strengthen vocational high schools and restore their former vitality. "In the future, we need to focus more on improving the quality of our schools that provide vocational and technical education," he said.

Stating that the work will start with the training of trainers, Minister Ergün stated that efforts to increase the quality of teachers and the quality of materials and content in vocational high schools are continuing. Emphasizing that they see the issue of entrepreneurship as a key to solving Turkey's economic and social problems, Minister Ergün said: “We definitely need entrepreneurship and added value. Vocational education will play a very important role in creating this. That's why we attach importance to this protocol. "We will continue to keep the coordination between our institutions at the highest level in the future."

Training Will Be Provided to 15 Thousand Managers and Teachers

Minister of National Education Nabi Avcı stated that the protocol aims to support the professional qualifications, entrepreneurship and leadership qualities of 15 thousand administrators and teachers in vocational and technical education. Pointing out that the main purpose of the change in the education system in the last 10-11 years is to raise individuals who are researchers, innovative, free-thinking, dreamers and therefore have an entrepreneurial spirit, Avcı said that it is everyone's duty to prepare a suitable environment for this, to remove the obstacles in front of children and to encourage them. noted.

Emphasizing that the life-changing magic of courage will be revealed first by parents and then by teachers, Avcı said that for this reason, they attach importance to professional development, entrepreneurship and leadership training for teachers and education administrators and have initiated projects related to this. Stating that they organized various courses and seminars in this context and cooperated with universities, NGOs, public institutions and organizations and the private sector, Avcı said that in January last year, in cooperation with the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and TÜBİTAK, vocational and technical education students were given a culture of entrepreneurship. He noted that efforts to increase skills in this direction have been initiated, and that the short-term results have increased the importance and meaning of this cooperation even more.

Avcı continued his words as follows: “While we work to revive the entrepreneurial spirit of our students, we will hopefully achieve this mentality transformation much faster and more effectively with the training of our teachers and administrators. We aim to train 25 thousand managers and teachers in vocational and technical education together with the managers and teachers we will train with this protocol in 2013-2015. "15 thousand teachers and administrators will benefit from the training to be organized within the scope of this protocol, and our Ministry will also develop 10 thousand vocational course teachers and administrators."

The Training Program Will Be Completed in 3 Years

Within the scope of the protocol, it is planned to provide training and education to 15 thousand administrators and teachers working in schools and institutions affiliated with the Ministry of National Education that provide formal and non-formal vocational education, in cooperation with the Ministry of National Education and TÜBİTAK, within 3 years. In this context, "Teaching and Entrepreneurship Training" will be given to teachers and "Leadership and Entrepreneurship Training" will be given to administrators. In education and training, groups will not exceed 30 people each. Academicians or field experts from public institutions and organizations will be allowed to serve as training assistants. A resource of 18 million 782 thousand 105 TL will be created for all seminars. 10 million TL, which constitutes 53 percent of this amount, will be covered by the Ministry of National Education, and 8 million 782 thousand 105 TL, which constitutes 47 percent, will be covered by TÜBİTAK.

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