Entrepreneurship Education with Istanbul University

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TÜSSİDE shares its entrepreneurship experience with Istanbul University.

Entrepreneurship Training Protocol was signed between Istanbul University and Turkish Industrial Management Institute (TÜSSİDE). 150 participants, consisting of Istanbul University's senior management, faculty members and representatives of student clubs, were selected for the training held for two weeks. Mentioning the importance of entrepreneurship in the opening speech of the trainings, IU Rector Yunus Söylet stated that he will follow the trainings and practices closely.

The common opinion in the first week of training was that the training and practices were very productive. In this context, participants were shared about Entrepreneurship training and practices. Enriching the interactive training model with applications attracted the attention of the participants and increased their motivation. While the participants created business ideas and designed colorful posters to bring them to life, sweet competitions also emerged.

Our teachers design logos and make t-shirts according to their business ideas.

On the last day of the training, the groups made their presentations and put forward their claims.

Our teachers print the logos they designed during classes on t-shirts and make presentations on their t-shirts.

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