GAP Strategic Plan Common Mind Platform® was Realized and Strategic Plan Preparation Trainings Started

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Within the scope of the Strategic Plan Preparation Training Project initiated with the GAP Regional Development Administration of the Ministry of Development of the Republic of Turkey, an OAP was held on Tuesday, June 13, 2017, with the participation of approximately 60 internal stakeholders, under the moderation of TÜSSİDE experts and consultants, in order to determine the mission and vision of the administration and SWOT analysis.

Following the realized OAP, a brainstorming study was held on Wednesday, in separate meetings with the GAP RDA project team and administration coordinators, regarding the projects and activities planned to be carried out in the coming years in order for the Administration to achieve the vision set forth. After consolidating the mission and vision statements with the Administration Strategic Plan Team before noon on Thursday, June 15, a preliminary study was carried out in the afternoon session to determine the strategic objectives and targets compatible with these objectives.

The project, which will continue with training and meeting activities to be held during the week of June 19, will be completed with the closing meeting to be held in July.

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