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Thanks to GBS (Entrepreneur Information System); It is a platform where accurate, reliable and responsive data/information at macro and micro levels will be provided to policy makers, decision makers, experts and researchers in public institutions and organizations, universities, research institutes and non-governmental organizations for the design, implementation and effectiveness measurement of economic, sectoral and regional policies. provides the environment.

While the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology was creating the GBS database, together with the data in the "Industrial Registry Database"; It included the data obtained from the Ministry of Customs and Trade, Revenue Administration, Social Security Institution, TÜBİTAK, Turkish Patent Institute, KOSGEB and TURKSTAT into the system. GBS is designed with a flexible, extensible structure and allows the integration of new data sets from different institutions.

Thanks to inter-institutional data integration, new data sets can be accessed, such as the financial statements of approximately 3 million enterprises that generate commercial income in the economy, trade between sectors and provinces, and provincial data where goods and services are produced. Additionally, in GBS, data sets belonging to different institutions can be reported through cross-queries. For example, data such as employment of exporting companies, profit/loss situation or financial performance of patented companies can be accessed.

Reports deemed appropriate to be published by the Ministry are shared with the public on the GBS website. In addition, researchers of universities and other higher education institutions, institutes and other institutions established for research purposes, professional chambers/organizations, non-governmental organizations and international institutions and organizations of which Turkey is a member will be able to request aggregated data that does not include company-based data, starting from 2015.

In sharing GBS data, the confidentiality principles specified in the Turkish Statistics Law No. 5429 regarding the confidentiality of data belonging to natural and legal persons are observed.

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