Domestic and National Enterprise Resource Planning Workshop Held at TÜSSIDE

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Under the coordination of the Presidency of Defense Industries, a workshop was held at TÜSSİDE facilities in TÜBİTAK's Gebze Campus on 21-22 February 2019, with the participation of industry stakeholders on the use of domestic and national Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software in the Defense Industry sector. 82 participants from 42 institutions in the sector attended the workshop moderated by TÜSSİDE. The program started with the opening speech of Mr. Abdurrahman ALKAYA from the Presidency of Defense Industries. In the first part of the workshop, studies were carried out on the current situation analysis, and in the last part, the Requirements and Expectations of companies developing Enterprise Resource Planning software and institutions using ERP regarding the use of domestic software in the sector were determined.

On the second day of the workshop, the findings and requirements prioritized within the scope of the Current Situation Analysis study conducted on the first day were shared. Then, suggestions were developed with the participants in line with the problems, constraints and requirements that came to the fore in the current situation analysis study. In the afternoon part of the workshop, road maps were prepared by the working groups for the use of domestic software in the sector in the light of the current situation analysis and the suggestions developed. The program was completed with the sharing and general evaluations made in the last part of the program.

In the workshop, it was aimed to reach a common mind through group work carried out collectively and under a certain discipline, based on individual opinions and ideas in the light of the participants' knowledge and experience. In this regard, the active participation of representatives of the sector stakeholders was ensured in the workshop, and by using idea generation methods and techniques, it was tried to achieve results where the suggestions and actions created together would be accepted by all stakeholders.

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