Olive and Olive Oil Sector Clustering Strategies Workshop was Held in TÜSSİDE

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The "Strategy Development Workshop and Logical Framework Meeting", which is the preliminary stage of strategic modeling within the scope of the "Olive and Olive Oil Sector National Clustering Strategies Development Project" carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock (MFAL) and TÜSSİDE, was held in TÜSSİDE on 6-7 March 2015. A total of 56 people participated in the study, including sector representatives and cluster experts from the public, private sector, universities and NGOs, in addition to the MFAL project team, TÜSSİDE project team and technical committee members.

The first day of the work, which started with sharing the project scope and the stages passed so far, progressed through the outputs of the needs analysis study previously created by the project teams and technical committee members. The study continued by collecting the contributions of the participants in groups and prioritizing the actions that needed to be taken to strengthen the sector. Again, on the first day of the study, the information and experiences obtained as a result of the technical inspection visit to Spain, held on 18-20 February 2015, were shared with the participants.

On the second day of the study, participants were informed about the International Competitiveness Development (UR-GE) Support Program of the Ministry of Economy and the Clustering Support Program of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. Following the information, a workshop was held that included the vision, performance indicators and target audience definitions of the cluster support, which will be created in the light of the results of the study conducted the previous day.

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