Project Trainings were Held within the Scope of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Human Resources Project

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"Human Resources Management Project" was signed between Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and TÜSSİDE on March 15, 2016. The goal of the project; Providing consultancy services for the development/improvement of the corporate management system of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality.

Other necessary sub-objectives for this purpose are listed below.

  • Providing and reviewing municipal institutional documents and some statistical information
  • Project team trainings
  • business analysis
  • Creation of job descriptions

To contribute with method-process consultancy and guidance support.

In the project, a 2-day training on human resources and project management was held at SEKA Park Hotel on 13-14 April 2016. Content of the 2-day training to be held in Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality:

  • Job analysis, job descriptions and job requirements determination training
  • It consists of project management training titles.

In this context, 82 people from the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality project team participated in the training.

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