"Creation of Risk Maps" of the General Directorate of SGK Insurance Premiums was carried out with TÜSSİDE

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TÜSSİDE carried out the "Creation of Risk Maps" Common Mind Platform (OAP®) study of the General Directorate of Insurance Premiums (SPGM) affiliated with the Social Security Institution on 22-25 November 2015 in TÜSSİDE, Gebze.

In the workshop whose method design and moderation was carried out by TÜSSİDE, SPGM's strategic and operational risks were identified, analyzed and prioritized together with the participants, and detailed risk action plans were created for the identified priority risks.

54 people, including Insurance Premiums General Manager Ahmet Açıkgöz, deputy general managers, department heads, branch managers, and experts from central and provincial units, participated in the OAP® program.

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