“The Study of Harmonization of Turkey's Health Accounts System with the OECD 2011 System” was Successfully Completed

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Within the scope of the "Strengthening and Supporting the Health System Project" carried out by the Ministry of Health; The "Harmonization Project of Turkey's Health Accounts System with the OECD 2011 System", initiated by the Ministry of Health, was completed in cooperation with TÜSSİDE and Acıbadem University Health Policy Application and Research Center. In this study, the updated OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) 2000 Health Accounts System, which is being implemented by Turkey, is used to ensure more detailed evaluation, monitoring and analysis of the Health Accounts System in order to ensure financial sustainability in the face of increasing health expenditures and to create more cost-effective policies. and it was aimed to harmonize it with the expanded OECD 2011 Health Accounts System. To achieve this goal, with the participation of stakeholder organizations of the Turkish Health Accounts System, the following steps were taken to achieve the objectives of the project:

  • An expanded and updated methodology was designed to adapt the existing Health Accounts System (SHS 2000) to the SHS 2011 system recommended by the OECD.
  • In Turkey, the current status of SHS data was identified (data that can and cannot be collected, classified or named).
  • In order to ensure adequate and comparable data transfer in accordance with the SHS 2011 system, the roles and responsibilities of the institutions that provide data to the Turkish Health Accounts System were determined.
  • People who will enter and analyze data into the system were trained and training guides were developed.
  • A National Action Plan was developed to upgrade Turkey's current health accounts system, the OECD 2000 version, to the Health Accounts System 2011 (SHS 2011) version, which has been updated and expanded by the OECD.

In this process, the main stakeholders responsible for Turkey's health financing data are; We worked together with the Ministry of Health, Social Security Institution, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Development, Turkish Statistical Institute and the Undersecretariat of Treasury, as well as dozens of stakeholders who provided or used data.

Ensuring data standardization, which is of great importance both for the development of Turkey's own health accounts and for international cooperation and data comparability, was one of the most beneficial outcomes of this project.

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