TÜBİTAK TÜSİDE Completed TCDD's Logistics Centers Efficiency Project

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TÜSSİDE completed the "System Analysis and Business Model Research Project for Increasing TCDD Logistics Efficiency" for the effective use of TCDD Logistics Centers and Logistics Fields and carried out the strategy study for the relevant facilities and put forward operating model recommendations.

Within the scope of the project, the current situation analysis was carried out for logistics areas and railway transportation in our country, and by analyzing Turkey's position and potential in transportation corridors, taking successful world examples as a reference, the aspects of the railway logistics sector that were open to development were identified.

Within the scope of the current situation analysis in railways, infrastructure usage analysis, capacity analysis and field analyzes were carried out. The studies were carried out in the field and on a desk in a coordinated manner; 50 facilities located in different regions of Turkey were examined on site and an evaluation was made in accordance with the characteristics of each.

During the project; Focus group meetings, interviews and workshops were held with expert teams, and load analysis and competition analysis studies were carried out; Legislative analysis and recommendations were evaluated.

The situation in Turkey regarding cargo mobility has been determined, presented spatially, and the possible potentials of the facilities and the load amounts in their rear areas have been determined. In addition, railway, road and sea transportation comparisons were made and integration points in freight movements were evaluated. Policies to ensure the competitive advantage of the railway were evaluated, scenario analyzes regarding possible outcomes and possible gains were presented.

According to the findings obtained from the analysis of all studies carried out throughout the project regarding the logistics sector and railway sector in Turkey, logistics centers are grouped under 6 classes. Operating model recommendations are presented according to the detected classes.

When the first results of the suggestions given by TÜSSİDE are evaluated, TCDD has achieved significant savings with investment efficiency and rental income has increased significantly without decreasing customer satisfaction.

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