Turkish Hard Coal Enterprise (TTK) Will Determine Its Future with TÜSSİDE

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TÜSSİDE experts and consultants informed the middle and senior level managers of the institution on Monday, August 7, 2017, about the strategic plan studies, relevant legislation and basic concepts that are planned to be started soon with TTK and will shape the 5-year future of TTK. It was decided in principle between the two institutions at this meeting that TÜSSİDE would provide guidance in designing future targets, strategies and actions in accordance with the findings and needs arising from a comprehensive internal, external and stakeholder analysis of TTK within the framework of the strategic planning guide expected to be newly implemented by the Ministry of Development. is connected. The project is planned to start at the end of September and last for 7 months. Other possible projects that could be realized between TTK and TÜSSİDE were evaluated after the meeting.

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