TÜSSİDE is at Mustafa Kemal University for Leadership Training

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TÜSSİDE, hosted by Mustafa Kemal University (MKÜ), “21. He held the "Leadership and Being a Leader Manager in the 21st Century" training between 4 and 6 September with 700 participants, including his professors. The first day of the study, “21. It started with the conference titled "Leadership in the 21st Century". At the conference, issues related to the importance of gathering people around a single goal, whose importance is increasing day by day, and the importance of directing everyone towards the same goal without conflict within the group, were discussed. At the end of the conference, our instructor İlhan GÜLERTAN, MKU Rector Prof. Dr. A plaque was presented by Hüsnü Salih GÜLDER.

Participants, including MKU Rector Güder, were given a 2-day training titled "Being a Leader Manager". Thirty (30) academicians from different disciplines attended the training, which also included practical studies. İlhan GÜLERTAN, one of our TÜSSİDE instructors, presented a certificate of participation to the participants at the end of the workshop.

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