A Cooperation Protocol was Signed Between Our Institute and Istanbul Şehir University

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A new 5-year cooperation protocol was signed between our institute and Istanbul Şehir University. Within the framework of this cooperation, researchers within TÜSSİDE will increase their academic competence at ŞEHİR, while the academic staff of the university will take part in TÜSSİDE's corporate research projects.

Within the scope of the protocol between TÜSSİDE and Istanbul Şehir University, cooperation will be provided under 3 main headings.

TÜSSİDE's researchers will increase their academic competence at ŞEHİR

It is aimed to increase the academic competence of researchers within TÜSSİDE by ensuring that they participate in master's and doctoral programs in academic units within Istanbul Şehir University.

A special researcher pool will be established for TÜSSİDE

ŞEHİR Technology Transfer Office (TTO), which has undertaken the coordination of the agreement on behalf of the university, will create a researcher pool in order to provide TÜSSİDE with the thesis advisors, instructors, technical experts, management consultants and researcher personnel it needs from ŞEHİR resources. With this pool, benefiting from ŞEHİR expertise in the projects carried out by TÜSSİDE will be supported.

Consultancy and research projects with ŞEHİR and TÜSSİDE academics

Academic staff in the research pool to be established by ŞEHİR TTO will take part in consultancy services and corporate research projects that TÜSSİDE will need in their fields.

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