An Agreement for Strategic Partnership was Signed Between TÜSSİDE and NICE International

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An agreement was signed between TÜSSİDE and NICE International on February 28, 2014, with the aim of developing a strategic partnership in the field of health economics and management. TÜSSİDE strives to develop partnerships with prestigious institutions and experts in the field of health economics and management in order to develop capacity and increase competencies in areas that it deems important to develop in Turkey. Türkiye is one of the countries with the largest health insurance system. The Ministry of Health has made significant reforms over the last 10 years to improve services from public, private and academic healthcare providers. TÜSSİDE has an important place in Turkey in analyzing the policies developed by the Ministry of Health and the policy decision-making processes of other stakeholders and reaching conclusions using scientific research methods. With our strategic partnership with NICE International, an important step has been taken to improve technical capacity and be effective in the decision-making process in Turkey.

NICE is a respected organization that makes significant contributions to the UK's health services by making scientific analysis and using resources more effectively and accurately. NICE International transfers the qualifications and experiences gained in the UK to other countries as an evidence-based resource and contributes to the development of countries in their health policy decision-making processes.

With the strategic partnership developed between TÜSSİDE and NICE International, it is aimed to raise awareness about the importance of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in policy development and implementation in Turkey. Our common goals are to popularize HTA in Turkey by creating an independent, transparent and evidence-based structure in Turkey and to improve the capacity of managers and technical experts in existing HTA units. TÜSSİDE aims to develop its existing strategic partnership, which it started with NICE International, with international organizations that are experts in their fields, and to ensure that health technology assessments are effective in policy decision-making processes.

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