Model Factory Trainer Training Program Continues

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Model Factories make significant contributions to the productivity increase of our country's manufacturing industry; With the experiential trainings, learn-return programs and consultancy services it offers, it increases the number of beneficiaries it comes into contact with day by day. This rapid progress has made expanding the Model Factory Trainer pool an important need.

In this context, TÜBİTAK TÜSİDE launched the “Model Factory Trainer Training Program” in cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Technology and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). Those who successfully complete the said program; 8 Model Factories located in Ankara, Bursa, Konya, Kayseri, Gaziantep, İzmir, Mersin and Adana will take place in the Model Factory Trainer pool.

2,359 candidates applied to the program, which was announced in January. 238 of the 743 candidates who passed the preliminary evaluation process successfully completed the competency evaluation stage and were entitled to enroll in the program.

Module 1 trainings, which started on March 29, will end on April 28; Then the process will continue with Module 2 and Module 3 trainings. Within the scope of the program, the theoretical trainings given by academicians and consultants who are experts in lean manufacturing techniques are supported by the practices presented by the model factory directors and enriched with company presentations.

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