New Approach for TÜBİTAK Personnel: Competency-Based Training Management

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TÜBİTAK Public Career Academy Project; It was launched at the beginning of 2013 with the aim of identifying the training needs that will contribute to the Human Resources having competencies in line with the goals and objectives of the institution, creating the necessary training curricula and programs by modeling these needs in a way specific to the institution, and systematically implementing these curricula and programs as a result of measurement and evaluation.

The project started with studies to determine the competencies of all academic and administrative staff and continued with the design of the training programs needed for the development of competencies. The third phase, the training, started in July.

The trainings, organized with the joint work of TÜSSİDE experts and TÜBİTAK General Secretariat officials, were held in Ankara and Gebze. Within 15 weeks, the training of 3000 personnel was organized and 114 trainings were completed.

Trainings covering topics such as project management, team work, corporate culture and belonging, effective communication and motivation, and individual leadership were reinforced with applied studies.

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