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Master's Thesis of Tolga Tezcan, who works at TÜSSİDE Social Research Unit, Prof. Dr. Cahit Talas was deemed worthy of the Social Policy Award

Tolga Tezcan, who works at Ankara University Social Policy Research and Application Center, TÜSSİDE Social Research Unit, wrote his master's thesis at METU Social Policy Department under the supervision of Prof. Dr. He was deemed worthy of the Cahit Talas Social Policy Award.

Tolga Tezcan, who carries out studies on disability and social policy at TÜSSİDE Social Research Unit, focused on the same theme in his academic studies and is one of the pioneers of the social policy discipline in Turkey, former Minister of Labor and Dean of SBF Prof. Dr. He was deemed worthy of the award named after Cahit Talas.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Makal, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Selamoğlu, Prof. Dr. Gülay Toksöz, Prof. Dr. Ömer Zühtü Alan and Assoc. Dr. The award reason of the jury, consisting of Aziz Çelik, is as follows:

The thesis titled "Discrimination Experienced by Disabled People Working in the Public Sector as an 'Institutional Discrimination Field' draws attention to the deep difference between the medical model and the social model in addressing disability, and puts the social model, which sees the problem as social structures, against the medical model, which sees the problem as disabled people, and employment is among them." It aims to serve the empowerment of disabled people who experience discrimination in various areas of life. The thesis, which is competent in terms of internal systematics and consistency in its theoretical framework, conceptual discussion and evaluation of the findings, discusses the discrimination experienced by disabled people starting from their job search processes and the reasons why they prefer the public sector. In the thesis, the characteristics of public employment and discrimination encountered, as well as the oppression and discrimination experienced in the private sector based on previous work experiences, are evaluated systematically and in detail, and some suggestions are made to improve the situation of disabled people. Our jury deemed the thesis worthy of an award due to all these positive qualities.”

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