Turkish Seed Sector Strategy Development Workshops Started

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Sectoral strategy development meetings have started with Sub-Unions within the scope of the "Seed Sector National Strategy Development Project" signed between the Turkish Seed Growers Association (TÜRKTOB) and TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE.

With the Plant Breeders Sub-Union (BİSAB) on 11 October, the Seed Distributors Sub-Union (TODAB) on 12 October, the Sapling Producers Sub-Union (FÜAB) on 18 October and the Seed Industrialists and Producers Sub-Union (TSÜAB) on 19 October. A forward-looking “action plan” for each sector was prepared.

Sector representatives, academicians, Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock officials, employees of other public institutions and organizations, Union representatives and other stakeholders attended each of the workshops. In the sessions, each lasting one day, the "actions" to be implemented for the relevant sectors, based on the current SWOT Analysis and Competitiveness Analysis results, were determined in groups with a participatory approach.

TSÜAB Board Chairman Burhanettin Topsakal and Vice President Yıldıray Gençer attended the TSÜAB Meeting and presented certificates of appreciation to the participants. Chairman of the Board of Directors Gürsel Tanrıver and Vice President Sedat Dereli attended the FÜAB Meeting. At the BİSAB Meeting, Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Vehbi Eser and Vice President Kamil Yılmaz took part. Members of the Board of Directors of the Unions also attended all meetings and expressed their opinions.

The workshops, moderated by TÜSSİDE, will continue throughout October, and the outputs will be finalized at the Technical Committee meeting to be held afterwards.

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