TÜSSİDE Will Plan Istanbul Traffic Focused on Public Transportation

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In accordance with the agreement signed between Istanbul Electric Tramway and Tunnel Enterprises General Directorate (IETT) and TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE, TÜSSİDE will seek a solution to the public transportation-oriented traffic problem in Istanbul. The project, which will last 26 months, is a continuation of the previous project carried out for the improvement of Metrobus lines.

The first workshop of the project, in which Istanbul traffic planning will be evaluated in terms of public transportation, was held at TÜSSİDE on December 11, 2015. The project team and consultants of both institutions, public and private sector representatives, academicians and relevant non-governmental organizations participated in the workshop titled "Transportation Types and Strategic Recommendations" conducted by TÜSSİDE.

In the first session of the workshop, the priorities of public transportation were determined and the importance of these priorities was voted by 62 participants who attended the workshop. In the following sessions, sectoral evaluations were made with the "TÜSSİDE Common Mind Platform®". The current situation of priorities in transportation services was tried to be revealed from the perspective of the administration and passengers, and solution suggestions were discussed. In the closing session of the workshop, all participants were given the right to speak one by one and their thoughts and suggestions about the project were received.

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