TÜSSİDE Will Increase the Export Capacity of the KOP Region!

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"Study and Feasibility Project for the Creation of Konya-Karaman-Mersin Industry and Trade Corridor", which was put on the agenda in line with the Action Plan of the KOP Regional Development Administration, was held on 04.11.2016 between the KOP Regional Development Administration and TÜBİTAK TÜSSİDE, Karaman Deputy Dr. It started with mutual signing at the signing ceremony attended by Mr. Recep ŞEKER.

In the project, which will last 12 months in total:

  • Revealing the current production, trade and interaction situations of the provinces in the KOP region and the region covering Mersin province,
  • Investigating potential economic opportunities by evaluating these provinces with an integrated approach,
  • Analysis of infrastructure investments that need to be made to increase the efficiency of logistics operations,
  • Carrying out pre-feasibility studies for the transformation of the region into a Special Economic Zone (SEZ),
  • Determination of the legislative arrangements necessary for the establishment of an SEZ and/or the development of trade,
  • Preparation of an action plan that reveals the work to be done as a whole

studies are intended to be carried out.

With the studies carried out, it is aimed to develop policies that will support the accelerated development of the region by developing suggestions for improvement in the foreign trade and logistics processes of the region, making analyzes that will provide competitive advantage.

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